Functional Safety
Management and Engineering

Fulfilling international norms and standards, individually tailored to your product

Functional safety management, including consultation, and engineering services in the same field are among the core competences of our company.

Our focus is on maintaining international standards in the industry such as IEC 61508 or ISO 26262. We thus provide services at an international level and ensure high quality standards in sensors, control devices and other hardware/software for automotive, railway, medical and aerospace technology.

Extensive services in the field of functional
safety management and engineering

We advise companies in the automotive field and related sectors on functional safety according to ISO 26262 or IEC 61505, EN 50126 etc. In connection with this, the following services, among others, can be obtained from us:

Defining safety processes

As per IEC/EN/ISO 61508, 26262, 50129, 13849 and further standards

Creation of safety plans
Creation of safety concepts
Creation of safety analyses


Creation of safety certificates

When creating safety concepts, we rely on standardised methods. We support our customers through all phases of project planning. This starts at the concept phase, in which we offer advice and ensure, through transparent communication, that a clear goal has been defined. With a risk analysis, we provide valuable data for critical project areas. In the product development phase, we make sure norms and standards are upheld and identify potential dangers.

Our safety managers monitor your project all the way to final implementation and ensure deadlines are kept to. The systems provided for implementation are subjected to quality control and validation as part of our verification process.

SSQ Concept Design – a competent service provider in the field of functional
safety management and engineering

Our safety managers, and indeed our entire team, have extensive experience with functional safety and project management in the automotive industry. From sensors, controls and software components to E/E hardware and mechanical systems, we at SSQ Concept Design are well versed in the specific details of the automotive industry.

We place great value on the upholding of standards and client satisfaction. With open communication, transparent structures and punctual project completion, we do our part to ensure your projects are successful.

Functional safety management and engineering as you conceive it

If you need safety concepts, risk assessments and other services for industrial systems, get in touch today.

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