Requirements Management

Fulfilling international norms and standards, individually tailored to your product

SSQ Concept Design, as a service provider to the automotive industry and related sectors, specialises in the fields of functional safety and engineering services.

In this regard, we also offer requirement management services. With the aid of these measures, we ensure that a shared understanding in the development of systems and components arises, and that all international standards are upheld.

Achieving the goal with structured requirements management – the services SSQ Concept Design provides

Systems in modern vehicles are complex structures consisting of many components. This requires structured planning, affecting control, monitoring and administration. Using requirements management, we ensure that development goes to plan in all phases and that, at the end, efficient, compliant and low-fault systems arise. In the field of requirements management, we provide the following services:

Creation of requirements management plans
Analysis, creation and curation of requirements
Conceiving test cases on the basis of requirements
Linking requirements against the system and component architecture
Consistency assessment of the requirements

Our requirements management starts at the concept phase. There, we first determine the exact requirements set by the customer. In the second stage, we derive system requirements from the customer requirements. Then, projects enter into the product development phase. Requirements management supports system development and controls progress and compliance with standards. This covers all phases, from verification and validation to the final implementation of the finished product.

Professional and practical requirement management

Customer satisfaction is the focus for us. SSQ Concept Design has a young, dynamic team that nevertheless has many years of professional experience in the automotive sector. Our perfectionism is to your advantage.

Thanks to clear requirements management with transparent communication, we ensure that your project will be a success. Here, compliance with deadlines and budgets is centre stage.

SSQ Concept Design – your contact for requirements management

If you are looking for a strong, flexible partner for the structured development of system components, SSQ Concept Design is the right contact for you.

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