Systems Engineering

Fulfilling international norms and standards, individually tailored to your product

As a partner of suppliers to the automotive industry and related sectors, systems engineering is among our daily activities. SSQ Concept Design is active in the field of system development, using state-of-the-art technologies to do so such as SysML.

Our services in the field of system development

Here at SSQ Concept Design, we offer various services in the field of system development for the automotive and related sectors. This includes system modelling of overall concepts and the development of functions. For system modelling, we apply the SysML international standard. In the field of systems engineering, we offer the following services:

Defining safety processes
Creation of system architectures with SysML
Creation of use case, activity and status diagrams
Derivation of requirements from the system architecture

When creating safety concepts, we rely on standardised methods. We support our customers through all phases of project planning. This starts at the concept phase, in which we offer advice and ensure, through transparent communication, that a clear goal has been defined. With a risk analysis, we provide valuable data for critical project areas. In the product development phase, we make sure norms and standards are upheld and identify potential dangers.

Our safety managers monitor your project all the way to final implementation and ensure deadlines are kept to. The systems provided for implementation are subjected to quality control and validation as part of our verification process.

Systems engineering from SSQ Concept
Design – professional and structured

Here at SSQ Concept Design, we have a rich store of experience in the field of systems development. Our focus is on the automotive industry and related sectors. Our dynamic and flexible team acts in a customer-oriented way and exactly implements their desires.

For us, customer satisfaction is centre stage, and we place great value on remaining within set budgets and schedules. Thanks to our close-knit structures and optimised teamwork, we deliver reliably and at favourable conditions.

Your reliable partner in the development of system architectures

SSQ Concept Design is your contact where it comes to developing and modelling systems in vehicle technology.

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